SRISTI Scheme – Sustainable Rooftop Implementation for Solar Transfiguration of India

By | December 26, 2017

Our honorable and reputed prime minister Narendra Modi has launched some amazing scheme as like as PMKVY, SRISTI, PMGBDISHA, SCBTS and many more scheme. So today I write down in this article SRISTI Scheme details, its aims, SRISTI scheme features, Incentives, its budget.


The SRISTI Schemes Launch Details:



This scheme has been introduced by the ‘Central Government’ and induced by the ministry of the Renewable and will be the complete regulate and generated new power within the whole country. And the accurate date of the implementation of this scheme hasn’t yet accurately been asserted by our ‘Central Government’.

And the Government has created an idea of the ‘’Solar Power Plant Subsidy’’ on the support of the corrected Scheme of the MNRE for implementation of Solar Rooftop Projects the Phase ll. And separate from this ‘CCEA note’ and which was compiled previously to ‘Union Cabinet’ in April will gain replaced by the SRISTI scheme.

The SRISTI Scheme Financial Plan Details And Aims:

As because of it the most likely scheme that’s why our Central Government someday ago has already announced that they will invest around ₹23450 crore in this project. And the complete project expense for the implementation will be accomplished for the financial year to be finished until the 2021 to 2022 whole country.

The SRISTI Scheme Key Features:

Below I give you its some amazing features and please carefully read it and you must know the SRISTI scheme’s key feature and if know it that it can let you mostly help rural areas people.

  • According to the most recent updates, inside the recent scheme, an inducement will be hand over by our Central Government for the establishment of the ‘’Solar Panels On Roof Tops’’ for produce sustainable beginning of the electricity.
  • According to the experts, this scheme is thought-out as the advance version of former introduces the MNRE scheme inside the whole country.
  • Our Central Government has stated that it can be organized Discoms, so that process of the solar subsidy shall be started smoothly.
  • Economic assistance will be provided by the ‘’Central Government ‘’ for more excellent set up of the ‘Solar Panels On The Roof Tops’ for helping the house in creating the inexpensive Power inventory.
  • Residents will be proposed for the benefit of the set up in-line competency according to regulations of local Government for ‘’generating power’’ according to their individual needs. And then they can follow the SERC.
  • The subsidy shall be provided by Central Government for creating 5KWP quantity as distinguished to ‘Power Plant’.
  • The Central Government has one amazing aims at manufacture ‘40000 megawatts’ under the decided budget for the financial year.


Below here I give you details of incentives for the profitable installation of the Solar Projects inside the SRISTI scheme- so below are the incentives,

  • The solar projects inside SRISTI scheme, the ‘Central Government’ will provide the incentives for a subsidy to the consumers of the housing sector at ₹60000/KW.
  • Separate from the Central Government will hand over the incentives to Discoms for the different sectors containing social, Government Sectors, Institutional, industrial and the commercial sector.
  • The central government also set up the estimate at ₹5500/KW and which center will take account of at the total expense of the ₹55000/KW.
  • The incentive of the complete amount of the ₹9000 crore for the establishment of the power plants of the 5000 MW quantity.
  • ₹14450 crore financial aid incentives for the Dsicoms will be provided by the ‘Central Government’ for the Solar Panels establishment on the rooftops for 35000 MW.
  • The power production of the 40GW will be accomplished by the contribute money of ₹23450 crore as the total expenses for the whole project.

My Opinion About The SRISTI Scheme:

Our central Government gives us some amazing schemes and you can check those villages where people don’t have power and they don’t have any hospital, and they don’t have food as well as. One thing that our country needs is more facility, our urban area somehow developed but our villages or rural area is not developed. The Prime Minister if he can see the problem faced by the rural areas than more of these schemes like SRISTI  has to be implemented.

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