Solar Charkha Scheme (SCS) to create 5 Crore Jobs by Central Govt

By | February 20, 2018

Solar charkha scheme is one of the best schemes introduced by Government of India. This scheme will be initiated in the state of Maharashtra to give 1100 jobs in every panchayat with in addition five crore jobs in other corners of India. Khadi will also be promoted under this scheme.

Solar Charkha Scheme

Solar Charkha Scheme

Solar Charkha will be launched soon as the time is in favour of the textile industry. Now Indian government can create many solar charkha projects in the state.

In the premises women and men will be earning money day-by-day.  For the coming five years the government will spend forty crores to make an investment in this scheme. So here we will know the full details about this scheme.

Solar Charkha Scheme – Objectives:

Below are the objectives of Solar Charkha Scheme:

  • This Scheme has provided SBT. That means Skill Based Training, which will give the best result for generation of women employment.
  • The SCS (Solar Charkha Scheme) will helps to revive and improve khadi.
  • Subsequently, the Solar Charkha Scheme will provide to improve local level enterprises for needy and poor people.
  • The Scheme will have to improve environment friendly and Green Energy on Khadi Fabric.
  • One of the elementary objective is that the Solar Charkha Scheme replicable and sustainable model.

Although Govt. has make this Scheme compulsory just because Govt. pledged must be blandish 20% of their requirements from Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. Central Govt. will improve Khadi and pluck up the poverty through by their indirect and direct intervention, services and support.

Details of Solar Charkha Scheme:

Below are the highlights and some important features of the Solar Charkha Scheme.

  • The Solar Charkha Scheme will give the best result of decentralized in our Rural India.
  • Now recently Central Govt. will start their SC Mission (Solar Charkha Mission) by the order of non conventional solar energy, which energy will helps to promote the result of the employment generation.
  • Central Govt. will invest a huge amount for every Lok Sabha Constituency and the big amount is Rs. 40000 crore.
  • Central Govt. also develop Urban Areas of Industrial Clusters and develop Rual Areas of agro Clusters.
  • Under the Solar Charkha Scheme Central Govt. also started the Solar Spindle Mission. This SSM (Solar Spindle Mission) Scheme has consisted around 500 of Solar Spindles while the Clusters of this Scheme also contains 4000 Solar Spindles.


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