Prime Minister Research Fellowship Scheme for Engineers

By | February 21, 2018

The union cabinet, our honorable central Govt. has certified PMRF or Prime Minister Research Fellowship Scheme for the Ph.D. Students. Finally, the students who get passed their M.Tech from the IIT, IISC, IITs, IISER, or NIT and B.Tech can straightforwardly achieve admission in the Ph.D. in the IISC and IITs. For this amazing project, out central Government has assigned up to ₹ 1650 crore for the forthcoming 7 years, starting – from 2018 to 2019.



Under this amazing project, the Government is going for preferable three thousand fellows is the period of the three years. Appropriately, this favorable project will appreciate the vision of the ‘Development Of Innovation’. Every applicant will get economical compensation of ₹ 5500000 for their analysis work.

Applicants can bring forward their analysis work candidly in the domains of the technology and science. Additionally, this lovely project will help in developing the quality of the Industrial Training Institute or ITI across the whole country.

Prime Minister Research Fellowship Scheme- Salary Or Grant Or Amount:

Under the PMRF or the Prime Minister Research Fellowship Scheme, every fellow will accept the economic assistance for the five years to bring forward their analysis activities. Amount of the research association and another analysis allowances for the single instructor is expressed as follows:

Studying Year Salary (per month) or Research Fellowship Research Grant (per annum) Total (in one year)
1st Year ₹ 70,000 per moth ₹ 2 Lakh. ₹ 10,40,000
2nd Year ₹ 70,000 per month ₹ 2 Lakh. ₹ 10,40,000
3rd Year ₹ 75,000 per month ₹ 2 Lakh. ₹ 11,00,000
4th Year ₹ 80,000 per month ₹ 12 Lakh. ₹ 11,60,000
5th year ₹ 80,000 per month ₹ 2 Lakh. ₹ 11,60,000
Total ₹ 55,00,000

The government will prefer three thousand fellows in the next three years and will pay out this volume on every one of them for the strong growth of the nation. Each year, our honorable Government will hand over additional ₹ 2 lakh every year for foreign trip expenses to current research – papers in worldwide seminars and conference.

Prime Minister Research Fellowship Scheme or PMRF Scheme- Details:

Our Central Government wills selective most excellent students who are in the last year or have finished their M. Tech or M. Sc in technology and science or B. Tech from NITs, IISc, IISERs, IIITs or IITs will be offered straightforward admission in the Ph. D programme’s in the IISc and IITs. HRD or Ministry of the Human Resource Development wills appliance this amazing scheme and it will shortly start to get proposals.

In inclusion to this, every fellow necessity has to educate at the any ITI or Industrial Training Institute once in the week. There are over fourteen thousand IITs beyond numerous parts of the whole country. This amazing project will build up Knowledge deportation as an assistant will educate students of science colleges or the engineering colleges. Thus this project will help in developing the complete quality of the ITIs or the Industrial Training Institute across the whole country.

Industrial Training Institutes were earlier under the Labor ministry. Now it has been transferred to the Skill ministry since 2015.  The PMRF scheme or Prime Minister Research Fellowship project will address our national priorities at single hand and weakness of feature faculty on another hand.

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    is single be(eee) final year student can join this program to get a benifits for an single research program??????


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