Online RC Transfer Process For Used Cars In Delhi

By | January 1, 2018

From the news its been highlighting that Delhi state government is going to launch its portal for online RC transfer process for used cars in Delhi. Earlier it was used to be when registering any used vehicle by the second party always performed physically. It all done by visiting the transport office at town or city wherever located respectively. This could be little awkward for most of those buyers who try to transfer the registration for their vehicles whether its light or heavy vehicles.



In this case, people need to take out time for completing the registration process successfully which is not much easy and simple to do so by standing at lines even hour and hours. Well, good news for Delhi people in this manner that state govt. have obtained a solution to this issue via an online portal. Get to know about the registration transfer process which it will be really convenient to people of Delhi state.

Some Key Features Of The Online RC Transfer Process for Used Cars in Delhi

The features are perfectly amazing and workable for the required parties to transfer their used cars at the online portal. These require some relevant documents in the name of the parties who intends to register themselves to become a valid and legal owner of their second-hand vehicles.

  • Documents scanning: After submitting your all vital documents it will scan your all documents and upload them to the portal.
  • Web version only: You are not allowed to fill the online form on your Smartphone the only option is to get the form on your laptop or desktop devices.
  • Form submission: Now you have to fill the form offline and submit the form physically or virtually at the computer. Although you can get everything details about the form online.
  • Trade certificates: A Trade certificate is required for being a valid trader as without the certificate you can not apply for the registration of the used car.
  • RTOs (Regional Transport Offices): Available four Regional Transport Offices are mainly located at the Vasant Vihar, Janakpuri, Indraprastha Depot and Mall Road has ready to upgrade their Infrastructure.
  • Effect: This process will help to make it very faster without public interference and at the right time it will confirm clearness in this procedure.
  • Need For The Portal: To make work smoother and faster the Zonal transport authority offices will make the deals in 45 to 50 thousand peoples.

RC Transfer Process:

After selling or buying a used car, it’s very important to know how to transfer ownership with transfer charges and documents. Following are the Delhi RC transfer process which will make easy for the people to complete the process with safety and measurement.

  • It’s compulsory to submit original copybook of Registration Certificate.
  • If Registration Certificate book has HP to any Financier/ Bank then it has required submitting NOC along with RTO Form Number 35. But remember the valid time of NOC for 60 days issuance from the Form date.
  • The RTO form no. 29 & 30 for sale transfer form needs to get signed by both parties buyer and seller along with 2 copies.
  • An imprint of the chassis no. from the vehicle is required.
  • Pollution certificate and insurance copy must required.
  • Bot buyer and seller needs to submit their residential address to self-attested. Note if mentioned must match with RC or else needs to produce an affidavit in such case.
  • At last PAN card copy needs to be submitted as self-attested.

How To Do RC Transfer When The Vehicle Purchased From Another City?

Well not to worry in this case as because the process is almost same but needs to follow some precautions when submitting the necessary documents. I will the explain the fact with a simple answer which has a minor additional guideline to be followed.

The second who’s going to need the NOC certificate for the clearance from the first owner of the vehicle for completing the RTO registration process. A no-objection certificate is required which is a simple application format which signed by the RTO for the re-registration purposes.

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