Muhafiz (Guardian) Scheme for Workers by J&K Govt.

By | January 9, 2018

In this new year of 2018 there’s a good news for the Jammu & Kashmir residents. As the state government is ready to launch an exclusive scheme called Muhafiz (Guardian). The scheme will play the role to provide social and economic welfare security to workers. According to the guidelines initialize the government is set spend approximately around 3 lakh rupees for workers those who are working under and registered to  JKBOCWWB which stands for J&K Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board. If in case the workers gets injured then as per the scheme they will receive accidental life along with insurance for their disability.

As per the sources its said that the scheme is going to be launch on January 8th of 2018 with fresh year. Alongside the workers children’s will also be facilitate with educational-scholarships. And further more the state government will extend or increase the facilities of micro-credit for the workers convenience.



To get all these benefits one such have to register him/her as a worker at online or via other multiple modes into this scheme. Then no more worrying will occur in their life for numerous complications. Its because these workers mostly belongs to rural areas and specially for their sake the government will initially spend around 5 crore rupees amount.

Muhafiz (Guradian) scheme details:

Know all the necessary details of the scheme and its importance for the workers. The scheme will help the unorganized sectors worker in both financially and economically manner to establish them. So carefully take a look at its highlights as follows.

  • Under this scheme the registered workers with JKBOCWWB will receive security for social and economic purposes. Also will get the insurance-coverage to have safety for their lives.
  • A counter guarantee will be provided initially as the credit-facility to workers at 1.0000 rupees.
  • Due to this reason an amount of 30 crore rupees will be deposited to Jammu & Kashmir Bank by
  • With this scheme about 3 lakh workers from the unorganized-sector mostly who belongs to rural areas will get benefited as the government taken the target to provide.

Advantage Will Get From Muhafiz (Guradian):

When the scheme will be implemented then those worker will gain many benefits under the scheme for them and their family members. This step will make a a better state in upcoming future to in serving the citizens of Jammu & Kashmir.

  • The workers who unable to provide a proper education to their children’s will be solved and fulfilled with the scheme. They will be offered to have educational-scholarships to make a proper fortune.
  • In recent 3 years as observed under the scheme of JKBOCWWB been already provided the financial-assistance of about 275 crore rupees amount for their livelihood and for their children which was for marriage education and other diseases issues to these workers.
  • The government majorly deploy the scheme in most locations of rural areas to provide a seasonal employment in those places.
  • The low income worker will get some of relief through the scheme to stabilize their life in some manner with most aspects.
  • The unorganized labourers are on wage paid basis so hopefully with this scheme they will be nourish with government facilities which will be implemented soon.
  • The aim and measure taken by the state government of Jammu & Kashmir is amazingly a correct. As of this the people residing in rural areas who fully depends labour and wage as being worker.
  • The workers will become capable of raising themselves in their life’s with proper health and wealth to improve their daily life conditions with the help of the scheme.
  • The workers children’s will receive a proper education and prosperous to life to live in society with honor and pride. Also their marriage and other necessary requirements will be avail to achieve.


The Jammu & Kashmir is trying to life the rural area sector towards the development with good intension. This will program will be much helpful to those workers who unable to fulfill their needs and to provide a proper future to their children’s. As a result will be also helpful state to develop itself in most manner.

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