Market Assurance Scheme for farmers to sell at MSP and above

By | January 7, 2018

On the behalf of farmers the Indian Government has launched a new scheme (Market Assurance Scheme). With the scheme the government help the farmers to sell their crops at minimial cost of production of Minimum Support Price which in short is (MSP). The scheme said to be perform role of betterment to handle the situation of farmers to make them stable at their agricultural activities. The farmers will receive the Market Assurance Scheme which has the short of (MAS).

Market Assurance Scheme

It is introduce by the central govt. allied with state-government for the implementation of the scheme. It all going to be performed state-wise in the country as directed by the govt. With the new scheme the major issues faced by the farmers when they have to unwillingly sell their harvested crops may get solved. This problem creates other vulnerable issues to the farmers to cultivate their farming.

What Is Minimum Support Price?

The scheme is introduced by the government of India for helping the farmers of the country. The implementation will take place and be perform throughout the state-governments to fulfill the scheme. Government assures the farmers of the country to provide relief when they do not overcome of situation where uncertainly their production of farming causes.

Market Assurance Scheme

Market Assurance Scheme

According to the central government the scheme will be performed with better implementation keeping in mind at most state levels.

What Are Its Features?

  1. The scheme is launched for the sake of farmers by seeing their difficulty in agricultural sector since last few years which cause them for low production.
  2. With the launched of new scheme the farmers will get financial support from the governments end so they will not suffer any such loss.
  • The scheme basically going to help farmers in each and every state-wise in the country with the set up of a most minimal cost support into the farming sector.
  1. Central government said that the farmers will receive offers along with complete legal rights from state governments at assured price of market.
  2. Excluding the rice and wheat the government has stated to purchase the produce at MSP cost from farmers.
  3. If in case of any loss faced by the state government at the purchase beyond the 30% of amount then the central government will reimburse the amount to cover the loss.
  • According to the scheme is said that the producer will be perpetually getting (MAS) means under assured price from the state-government for the his/her produce. This kind or sort of financial assistance will be provided farmers even their harvest unable to perform upto the mark.
  • Under the new scheme as stated by the central government that each and individual state government shall take the whole responsibility to implement and to follow the regulations as mentioned in the scheme guidelines respectively.
  1. The procurement in terms of quantity and amount of crops will be set by the state governments end which will taken from farmers.
  2. The state-government shall also impose the power to manage or target the other supportive programs for nutrition purposes mid-day meals program in their states. This could be for government recognized schools in nursery’s and pre-school levels.
  3. The state govt. will be also authorize to dispose the produce from farmers to export in the international markets.
  • Although with this scheme it is hoping that farmers situation will be manage at some level.
  • The central-govt. will benefit the farmers as according to scheme it aims to offer the most possible better cost or price for produce after the harvesting along with full financial support and security.
  • This new scheme will be implemented to nationwide and the duties to be performed by the state-wise government individually and respectively to provide the benefits to farmers of the country.
  1. Further no more produce form the farmers will be loss per annum or each year.
  • With the scheme the country economy will be improved with financial support as it depending on sectors of agricultural.



The market assurance scheme is the new idea of the central government for helping the farming of the country with full support. This sort of program has to be performed by the state government with hard working farmers in their states with financial support to stable their produce at low cost without having any such trouble.

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