KUSUM Scheme (Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan)

By | March 9, 2018

During the recent budget 2018-2019 in our country, the honorable Central Government announced one amazing or great scheme named ‘KUSUM’. Full form of this project is Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan. The major object of this project is to generate the Solar Pumps to secure less utilization of the electricity. This is the very large initiative project. It will not only help every farmer but also this project will help to save our countries electricity.

KUSUM Scheme

KUSUM Scheme

In this article, I will show all applicable information concerning this lovely project. Attentive readers must go to the full details of article about Kusum project.

Indian country farmers are the proud  & honor of country. And they labor hard to plant food elements that human beings purchase from shops and the malls.

In this article, I will show you these amazing projects aim expenditure and the positive effects.

Now I tell you KUSUM scheme’s aim:

  1. To encourage the farmers to spurt the solar field water supply and they can use their birth lands for setting up the solar power.
  2. To develops every farmer’s income & decrease dependency on the diesel supply through the solar fielding.
  • Ministry of the renewable and the new energy will be beginning achieve this project from next financial years to build up the solar fielding among every farmer.

Now I tell you these amazing KUSUM scheme components:

  1. First is to promote the birth land the farmers. Our honorable Central Govt. is preparing to frame 10000 MW solar fields on an impoverished land.
  2. Second component involves installation of the 17.5 lakh small grid Solar field Pumps.
  3. The third component is framework connected field pumps should be solarised.
  4. Then fourth component is giving away the 17.5 lakh solar supplies. Under this project, a preference will be provided to farmers to sell out the extra power to grid over the solar power programs build upon their unprofitable lands.

Now I tell you this KUSUM projects expenditure:

  1. The complete Central fiscal service under the project should be for the season upcoming ten years for rupees of ₹48000 crore.
  2. Under these project, sixty percentage subsidies are supplied by the GOVT. (Thirty percentages from the central Govt. and thirty percentages from the state Govt.)
  3. Other thirty percentages will be connecting through the loans while the ten percentages of the expense will bear by the farmer.

Now I tell you the positive outcomes of this project Kusum Scheme:

  1. Beneficial outcomes that are expected – when the project is totally implemented beyond the country involved.
  2. Developing of distributed solar power manufacture.
  3. The decline of the transmissions damage or loses.
  4. Contribution support to fiscal health of the DISCOMs or the revival package for electricity distribution companies of India’s by lowering the assistances concern to Agriculture sector.
  5. This amazing project and will promote the energy effectiveness and the water preservation and also to supply the water safety to all farmers.


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