How To Check Online When And Who Used Your Aadhaar Card?

By | January 16, 2018

Aadhaar card become the most valuable identity proof in India. In today’s era the aadhaar is emphasized by the central government initially for the citizen’s of India. The aadhaar card will play a major role as the identification of normal citizen of the country in various government schemes even from students scholarships to ration card purposes and numerous other. So i am describing here the procedure to check online when and who used your aadhaar card.

It also enables you to make and perform numerous official tasks in present days and other upcoming events to complete. The UIDAI allows you to create or re-correct aadhaar details at online in their official website. You can check your personal online information from anywhere or everywhere via smartphone or computer at online.

Either you can also take out the print of your aadhaar card for certain times as per the rules and guidelines according to UIDAI. The official site allows you to check out your details of aadhaar card and also possible to track you or whoever have use the aadhaar card by you or if then by other rather than you. For this reason i will be discussing the topic here by providing the details for awareness.

What Is The Aadhaar Authentication?

Aadhaar Card is now became a very important part of our lives. As you know that it is required to link Aadhaar card to EPF, Life Insurance, PAN, Bank Accounts, Mutual Funds and Mobile numbers. But if you able to know what is Aadhar Authentication?

Now I will tell you about Aadhaar Authentication. The Aadhaar Authentication is the systematic process and it comes along with Demographic information or Biometric information as well as One Time Pin (OTP) of Card holder is cross- checked by Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR).

For the Identity proof this checking is require of service provider like a mutual fund operator Insurance Company, a bank or a telecom operator. It can be complete through various means such as Biometric (Fingerprint and IRIS), Demographic, and OTP (One Time Password) to the register your email ID or phone number.

How To Check Online When And Who Used Your Aadhaar Card?

Below are provided the easy process you can get to check online when and who used your Aadhaar Card. This will make you aware of your official aadhaar card if uncertainly used by other parties or persons. As it is necessary to be known by every person who have aadhaar card and permanently residing and born in India region and under its official territory.

Step – 1

Visit the UIDAI Official Website and you can see the list of Aadhaar Services.



Step – 2

Now click on the Aadhaar Authentication History.

Step – 3

You can get an Enter UID option; enter your Aadhaar Card Number on this option.



Step – 4

Along with Entering UID option you can also get the Security Code.

Step – 5

After entering Security code, click the Generate OTP.

Step – 6

You will have an Authentication Type option, choose any one for this option like as Biometric, Demographic, OTP, Biometric and OTP, Demographic and OTP or Demographic and Biometric or you have to select all authentication type options.



Step – 7

Now select the date range option and the authentication history will be view within maximum 6 months history.

Step – 8

Also you have to select the number of records and it will be allowed for view of maximum 50 records.

 Step – 9

After entering all the options, now it’s time to enter the option of OTP and the OTP will show on your registered phone number.

Step – 10

Now you will get the full history of your Aadhaar authentication history. It will show you the time, date, and authentication request type.

If you can’t see that which agency or company have used your Aadhaar authentication data then you can check your email where the UIDAI sent a mail after every successful process. Then that same moment who been authenticated your Aadhaar data you can check on that email. The UIDAI site provides you the full details on who or where the aadhaar card is placed for official tasks process to complete. This could be sometime risky and also can be unwantedly use by the wrong parties with bad intentions.

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