Bangla Gramin Awas Yojana in West Bengal

By | January 9, 2018

As the scheme of the PMAY or Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana the housing for the entire scheme through our Central Govt of India, now West Bengal state Govt has launched the ‘’Bangla Gramin ABAS Yojana’’ in the West Bengal ‘Rural Areas’. Under this amazing scheme, 5 Lac homes will be built for the displaced people across the West Bengal rural areas.

Bangla Gramin AWAS Yojana:

In the event of the Soil Fair or the Mati Utsav in the West Bengal, the chief minister Smt. Dr. Mamata Banerjee has announced about the Bangla Gramin ABAS Yojana scheme. Also, the West Bengal Chief Minister has guaranteed that this scheme to deliver houses to the homeless people on the January 29th in 2018.



Bangla Gramin AWAS Yojana Key Features:

Below I will give you this amazing scheme key features that you might know this all futures.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana is the housing progress project under our Central Govt of India. The Central Govt Of India has guaranteed to give two crore homes to displaced people of our country by end of the 2022 year.  And who have also their temporary houses or Kaccha house will be picking up the financial cooperation from the Govt to create or build it Pucca house or the Permanent house.

  • Bangla Gramin ABAS Yojana:

Bangla Gramin ABAS Yojana is the part of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The West Bangle Chief Minister Dr. Mamata Banerjee gives this scheme those people who are homeless and who are economically not strong. And she can also give them the permanent or the Pucca House.

  • Geetanjali Housing Scheme:

In enlargement of the Bangla Gramin ABAS Yojana, the Chief Minister of the Bengal has guaranteed to give the economical assistance to another three Lac peoples to create their Pucca house.

  • Time Span:

This lovely scheme name Geetanjali Scheme together with the Bangla Gramin AWAS Yojana will get the place before Panchayat Election in the West Bangle state. For BGAY the households will be receiving their homes by end of the January.

  • Corridor Project:

And the other declaration she has created on launch day that the West Bangle state will be providing the ₹3000 crore to the economics of the North-South Corridor Project in the West Bangle state. These scheme details of this project will announce later.

Other Schemes:

  • State Govt of the West Bengal has started some another scheme to helps those peoples who are not economically strong.
  • The West Bengal Govt has guaranteed nearly twenty one Lac farmers under farmers’ insurance scheme in West Bangle state. Under this scheme farmers can gain economical assistance at the time of the damage of their vegetable.
  • One year back the West Bangle State reappear all lands from the special Economic Zones and that were appropriated forcibly by industries to create the Car production unit in the Singur. Every farmer returns their part of the lands and started gathering agriculture production again.
  • 2768 crore has allocate for the watering projects and trim off under this amazing project to help farmers in the lot districts of the West Bangle State.
  • Under the Kanyashree Prakalpa, the west Bangle state has delivered bravery rewards to girls who have to demonstrate against the child marriage in this state. More over the 120 young age girls have picked up that reward from the Chief Minister herself.
  • 1200 crore has allocate to allowance scheme for farmers in the West Bangle by the Chife Minister Dr. Mamata Banerjee. Approx the thirty lac farmers will achieve payment under this amazing scheme. Ahead with 79 Lac Krisan Credit card will be delivered.

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