National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) or ModiCare details

Recently central government has launched a new NHPS (National Health Protection Scheme) by Modi Govt in Union Budget 2018-19. From Delhi, Patralekha Chatterjee has given report that Union Budget 2018-19 concerned about the limits for implementation and their Union Budget will draws praise. Central Govt has planned to provide health protection scheme for 100 million… Read More »

How To Pay LIC Premium through Paytm?

The digitalization in today’s era has brought up many payment application’s that are available which most preferred as “Paytm”. This application’s (App) is based on the smartphone that will help you to pay bills, recharges, etc. simply just anywhere and anytime. You get online mobile wallet on paytm app based latest Andriod versions. The app… Read More »

KUSUM Scheme (Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan)

During the recent budget 2018-2019 in our country, the honorable Central Government announced one amazing or great scheme named ‘KUSUM’. Full form of this project is Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan. The major object of this project is to generate the Solar Pumps to secure less utilization of the electricity. This is the very… Read More »

GDS (Gobar Dhan Scheme) to Farmers for garbage management

GDS (Gobar Dhan Scheme) by Central Govt is the best scheme for farmers. Subsequently, the Gobar Dhan Scheme will help to manage the reuse of cattle dung and other garbage of their houses. This Scheme will also help to make ODF (Open Defecation Free) within the nation. The farmers can reuse on their wasting garbage… Read More »

Operation Greens Mission by Central Government with 500 crore budget

Our Central Govt. has announced to launch a scheme named as  “Operation Greens Mission” and this scheme is announced in the Union Budget, 2018-2019. Finally, the TOP project will build up processing of Onion, Potato, and Tomato & increase the equipment of these all veggies. Appropriately, this scheme’s operation will authorize the Government rule, the… Read More »

13 digit mobile numbering scheme for M2M communication or M2M SIM

The department of telecommunications (DoT) is going to implement machine-to-machine (M2M) communication service in India, which will roll out the Internet of Things (IOT). All the 10 digit mobile numbers will be converted to 13 digit M2M SIM by 31st december 2018. DoT has given the following guidelines on M2M communication: It was decided that… Read More »

Prime Minister Research Fellowship Scheme for Engineers

The union cabinet, our honorable central Govt. has certified PMRF or Prime Minister Research Fellowship Scheme for the Ph.D. Students. Finally, the students who get passed their M.Tech from the IIT, IISC, IITs, IISER, or NIT and B.Tech can straightforwardly achieve admission in the Ph.D. in the IISC and IITs. For this amazing project, out… Read More »

Solar Charkha Scheme (SCS) to create 5 Crore Jobs by Central Govt

Solar charkha scheme is one of the best schemes introduced by Government of India. This scheme will be initiated in the state of Maharashtra to give 1100 jobs in every panchayat with in addition five crore jobs in other corners of India. Khadi will also be promoted under this scheme. Solar Charkha will be launched… Read More »

Check EPF Balance Online With or Without UAN Number

You may aware to access EPF Balance or EPF Passbook through by UAN Number. Some of people have activated their UAN Number and they can get their “Employee Provident Fund” (EPF) Balance through by giving a missed call or SMS. Not only for that Employee can also get in 7 ways to check their Employee… Read More »